jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Ode to the Bitch

Oh What a Bitch she is,

With a bitch-like face and not a lot of grace.

Oh What a Bitch,

When she denies her actions,

or acts like Michael Jackson.

What a Bitch indeed,

When she fakes that ghastly smile,

and turns it around into a horrible frown in just a while.

Oh What a Bitch she is,

With her bitch-like walk,

and her need to talk

about useless things,

about people she doesn't know

with her low-blows

and her bitch-like attitude.

jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

If I could choose a perfect life...

I would like to travel around the world.

as if I were some kind of bird

flying to Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand,

Australia, Papua and New Zeland.

If I could choose something to do,

it would be travel and learn something new

in India, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Pakistan,

Turkey, Egypt and Iran.

I would love to live and live to love,

visiting cities like Budapest, Salvador, La Habana and beautiful Prague.